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Please look at item 6) Payment, note the option "Check" or "Credit Card"

Just a couple of notes..

  1)  When you first register, you will be creating a User.  In most cases, the User will be the parent.  This is the dude with the credit card. :-)
I believe you can have a couple of people with access to the same User account.  For example, both parents want to access the account
          but have separate log-in stuff.
I say I believe. I have not tested this, but I see one account that looks like it works like this.

  2) After a User is created, a Participant will be created.  More than one Participant may be associated with one User.  This is the
player, usually the child that is playing baseball.  The Participant may or may not have their own email address and phone number. 
          I believe game notifications, group texts, etc. go to these.  I tried to test this but it did not work as I expected. Still trying stuff.
       Note:  I see that the Participant and User may be the same person.  I have not tried this and so do not know exactly how it works.

  3) And finally, the Program.  This is what your participant will be registered to compete in. There are two parts to this:
3a)  When:  This is basically the season and sport.  For now the only option is "2020 Spring Baseball."
3b)  Division: This is the Division that the participant will compete in..  For now the only options are "Challenger" and "Senior Challenger."

   4) When you get to the Program and choose the Division, you will be prompted to answer several questions: 
  The first two questions are required and basically want to know if the participant is playing baseball somewhere
else also and if you, the User, played in Little League as a child.

   After that come the important questions - the vital information that we must have for the player.  Information like what name
           would the player like on his jersey and what team to be on.  We play a player's favorite song when they come up to bat each time, so
           you will be asked to enter one or two of those.  In the Challenger Division, I ask for a brief description of the player's "Special Need," 
           this is solely to give the coaching staff a heads up of what to expect. Depending on the need, we may place the player on a specific team.

  5)  We do not want to pressure anyone into selecting a Volunteer position.  But, if you are a returning Volunteer, please fill in this portion.
           If you are new and would like to volunteer, by all means, fill in this portion.
           I encourage both new and returning Volunteers to check the "Registration Info" tab on the home page, and "Volunteer Opportunities."

  6) Payment.  At this point you have two options, pay using Credit Card or Check.  We prefer payment by Credit Card simply because it is
           easier for us.  There is just less maintenance and we don't have follow up.  There is a 2.8% charge to use a Credit Card, but it looks like
           the League pays that.
If for any reason you do not wish to use a Credit Card, then feel free to select Check.  If you would like to discuss options, then
                select Check and we will figure it out later.

      And that is it.  Super simple.

        Questions:  Email  [email protected]

Comment from Randy

     The most important thing is for your player to be ready to play.  We don't want you scrambling around a couple of days before the first game
trying to figure out what team you’re on.  Trying to get a uniform. Trying to contact some one to get a game schedule.  I am trying to make all of 
preparation as easy as possible so that your player will be able to participate in all of the activites...

     Please note:  It takes time to get uniforms.  I cannot get one the day before a game, it is just impossible.   Also, please try to have your player registered at least 2 weeks prior to the season opening game.  It takes that long to get uniforms.  We get hit pretty hard with shipping charges when we order additional uniforms...  
                  But we do always order the additional uniform for all you late people..  :-)

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