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Volunteering in the SVLL Challenger Divisions does not have a very defined description, for the most part.  We are said to "wing it" quite a bit.  So if you are worried about what you will be required to do, or if you can do it, be assured you will be fine.  If you just want to get a feel for it all, you can get on our volunteer email list, see what is happening and jump in when you see something that hits your interest.  We have a few volunteers that are just on the email list, checking it out.  Some volunteer tasks take more time than others, but we have many tasks that don't take much time at all.  We are grateful for whatever amount of time you might be able to give. :)

Here in the Challenger Divisions of SVLL we have several opportunities to volunteer:

 1. The most important volunteer is also the easiest, hands on, flexible one of all -- the Buddy.
     The Buddy will be hands on interacting with the teams during the game.  May be in the field, helping batters, in the
     dugout.  Some players will have a one-on-one buddy.   The Buddy will help ensure the game is safe and fun.

 2. Spotify / Walk up song playlist.  Each of our players choose their favorite song and we use Spotify on an iPad to play
     their song when they come up to bat.  If you are familiar with today's electronics, then this may be for you.  But be warned,
     it may get a little tense when you can't find the batter's song and they won't leave the dugout until it starts, ha, ha.
            Note: The iPad is Bluetooth connected, meaning you can walk around with it.  This is super fun when you are in the
            dugout playing the songs as players ask for them.

 3. Coaches. Runs the games, teaches and supports players.  Coordinates with assistant coaches.  They ensure games are
     safe and run smoothly.  The coach is part of the team.  They get to know the team and the team will know them. 

 4. Assistant Coaches.  Assists the coach as needed, teaches and supports players.  Also a part of the team.  We encourage at
     least 2 assistants for each team.

 5. Team Parent.  Communicates with families, sends emails, assures league paperwork is complete for each player,
     coordinates team on picture day, makes sure playlist is covered for each game, assists the coach as needed.

 6. Buddy Coordinator.  Reaches out to local baseball/softball leagues, high school/college baseball/softball teams, adult 
     leagues, community groups, local firefighters/police to coordinate buddies for games.  Welcomes and explains roles of
     buddies on game days.

 7. Game Day.  Helps set up or break down the field on game day. Includes setting up equipment, snack shack, sound system.

 8. Snack Shack Helper. Signs up to assist bringing snacks, purchasing ice for drinks (you will be reimbursed), set up snack

 9. Fundraising Committee.  Helps to coordinate and plan fundraising activities. 

 10. Banner Coordinator.  Solicits local businesses to purchase banners, get banners printed, hang and maintain banners. 

 11. Events.  Assists in planning or contributing to special events, such as the banquet, holiday games, summer BBQ, movie
      nights, etc. 
 12. Board Member.

SVLL is a non-profit league run solely by volunteers.
We cannot run this league without volunteers and buddies!

We have many fun events and fundraisers throughout the year to support our players
and our Challenger Division including an end of the year Banquet and Awards Ceremony,
Halloween Game, Holiday Game, Summer BBQ, BINGO Night, Bunco Night, Movie Nights,
and restaurant fundraisers. Volunteers are always welcome at events.

To volunteer at an event, please contact our fundraising coordinator at:

[email protected]

BUDDIES NEEDED!!  Would you, your team or group like to be buddies for our amazing Challenger players?
Contact our buddy coordinators at: 
[email protected]     


What is a buddy.

  Buddies are volunteers that assist our Challenger players as needed.  A buddy may be in the field the entire game,
  be with a team, or be one on one with a specific player.

  Our goal is to have buddies for every game (Saturdays 8:30, 9:45, 11:00, 12:15), and buddies can volunteer for
  one game or all four games that day. Buddies are very important to ensure that our players are engaged and safe
  during the game. We welcome middle and high school softball and baseball teams, adult softball/baseball teams,
  community groups, and individuals.   We basically welcome everyone! :-)
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