Volunteer Information

    This Volunteer information mostly applies to the Challenger Division.  

     Our basic structure is each of the 4 Challenger teams has a coach and a team mom.  Some teams have an assistant coach.  Those volunteers are with the team for the full year and ensure the team has everything it needs to be ready for games and events.
   We have a buddy system.  A buddy being a volunteer that will assist players as needed.  One may be in the field the entire game, be with a team, or be one on one with a specific player.  We have a designated volunteer to coordinate these buddies.  Buddies can be at one game, both games, one weekend or every weekend.  A lot of High School baseball teams come out for a day to be Buddies, the kids love seeing the high school players in their uniforms.  We have been getting more and more individual volunteer buddies.
     Historically, the Fire Department will supply buddies for our All-Star game at the end of the year.
  After that we have a pool of volunteers that set up, bring stuff, generate ideas, organize everything we do.  We have a game at Simi High, 3 night games, a fundraiser every month.

       If you have any questions, comments at all, please contact us:
                            Phone805 358-2245
                            Email:   [email protected]

Local Sponsors

Simi Valley Little League

4212 E. Los Angeles Ave. #3956 
Simi Valley, California 93063

Phone: 805-358-2245

Email: [email protected]